Sweeney Todd

Set in the harsh streets of 18th century London, Sweeney Todd tells the dark and enthralling tale of the notorious serial-killing baber (Ray Winstone) and his devastating relationship with Mrs. Lovett (Essie Davis).
Living in the shadow of Newgate Prison, Sweeney tries to carve out a quiet and simple life, until his past comes back to haunt him and he is unable to quell his inner demons. When body parts are found in the Fleet River, Sir John Fielding (David Warner) orders his Bow Street Runners to investigate; but even with the threat of capture surrounding him, Sweeney is unable to run away from the monster inside, his murderous spree only intensifies, threatening the lives of all those around him.
Starring Ray Winstone (Beowulf, The Departed), Tom Hardy (Marie Antoinette), Essie Davis (Charlotte’s Web) and David Warner (Planet of the Apes).

Actor: Ray Winstone, Essie Davis, David Warner

Director: Dave Moore.