Palermo Hollywood

In a country that has been broken down and corrupted by political chaos, Pablo and Mario are two best friends in their twenties, and local thieves. Although they come from very different backgrounds, they both help each other out by committing petty crimes that help Pablo support his family, and Mario become financially independent from his own. Mario has become increasingly infatuated with Julieta, Pablo┬┤s sister. The nights and excesses keep the friends busy until, in a twist of fate, and because of their own ignorance, they become involved in a kidnapping that goes sour, confronting the two, and hurting their friendship forever. The tragedy that occurs triggers and unmasks a chain of events that ends up taking their lives to the limit. Thus testing their own friendship and exposing their true loyalty, love, and hate for one another.

Actors: Cristina Banegas, Brian Maya , Matias Desiderio, Manuela Pal

Directors: Eduardo Pinto

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