Marie Antoinette

October 16, 1793: Marie-Antoinette is in her cell in the Conciergierie. It is the last day of her life. In a few minutes she will be taken to the Place de la Concorde to be guillotined. The executioner and his assistants cut off her hair. Marie-Antoinette remembers her past…“If they have no bread, let them eat cake!» Marie-Antoinette never uttered that phrase. Today, as in her own century, Marie-Antoinette is the object of fantasies. Everyone sees her in a different role : a pre-romantic teenager as depicted by Hollywood, a sex-obsessed lesbian, an Austrian spy, a queen indifferent to the suffering of her people? Behind all these interpretations, what is the true story of France’s last queen, adored by the whole of France on her arrival in Versailles before becoming the incarnation of a reviled regime?

Actor: Karine Vanasse , Olivier Aubin, David La Haye

Director: Francis Leclerc and Yves Simoneau