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Present BETTER - 5 x 1 - Launched on Feb 13, 2023 on BBC1

Leila Farzad "Black Mirror" (June 2023)

After a family tragedy is narrowly averted, a corrupt police detective undergoes a painful moral awakening and decides to put right twenty years of wrongdoing but satisfying her newfound conscience won't be straightforward.

Actors: Leila Farzad "Black Mirror" (June 2023), "I Hate Suzie" & "Avenue 5") Andrew Buchan ("Boadchurch" & "The Honourable Woman") Anton Lesser ("Killing Eve" & "Game Of Thrones") Samuel Edward-Cook ("Peaky Blinders") Zak Ford-Williams ("Wolfe")

Directors: Writers: Jonathan Brackley, Sam Vincent from "Humans" (3 Seasons, 24 Epidodes) & "Spooks" (10 Seasons, 86 Episodes) Producer: James Dean: ("Liar" & "All Creatures Great And Small") Director Jonathan Brough ("Rosehaven" - 5 Seasons)

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